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Our Services

Our Services

SWD Enterprises provides Class 2 water disposal services in the Williston basin.  Currently SWD Enterprises manages the Blue Marlin Salt Water Disposal Well, the largest permitted SWD in the Bakken region, located off HWY 200.  The Blue Marlin also serves an EDS Transfer Facility for the disposal of Class 1 Solids.  SWD Enterprises plans to develop a comprehensive water solution plan pairing with major operators in the region to help address their critical need for water disposal facilities through the acquisition and construction of high quality, strategically located SWD assets.  In addition, SWD Enterprises continues to aggressively explore viable pipeline projects through close partnerships with major operators in the region capable of weathering the current economic climate.

Currently,  SWD Enterprises facilities are capable of receiving:

  • Produced water from oil and gas operations
  • Workover, completion, and stimulation fluids recovered from production, injection, and exploratory wells, i.e. “flowback”
  • Enhanced recovery waters including fresh water
  • Brine reject from enhanced recovery operations

SWD Enterprises treats and processes disposal water, separates out oil through an effective skimming process.  All oil recovered is made available for immediate sale at nearby terminals.

SWDE’s strategically located facilities near major operators such as Hess, Whiting, Petro-Hunt, Continental, and Oxy ensure speedy disposal services for trucking companies and operators.